Monday, February 20, 2012

I See the Sun in Afghanistan

This is the story of Habiba, a young girl living in central Afghanistan with her family. Her early morning chore is to retrieve water for her family’s use. Through the course of her day, she attends school, picks herbs and vegetables from the family garden, visits with her uncle living next door, and tends the sheep while her brother goes to afternoon school.

The war has affected the Afghan people in different ways. Her uncle next door lost his legs. Her aunt, uncle, and cousins lost their home. Therefore, they will be living with Habiba and her family. As families do, they share everything in difficult times, even when a small home is more than crowded.

The author has written a wonderful capsule of what could be a typical day in an Afghan family. Morning and afternoon sessions separate school for girls and boys. Great respect is shown toward elders; they grow their own vegetables, and butcher their own meat. The marketplace is beneficial for products not made at home, like the flat bread. A radio is available and the family listens to a BBC broadcast in Dari.

King has described a ‘day in the life’ very eloquently. Small children will enjoy the story of Habiba, her activities, and her family. Written in English and Dari, also known as Afghan Farsi, both languages are included on each page in the book.

The illustrations of Judith Inglese beautifully enhance the text with colorful collages. Amid the collages you can see the wonderful drawings and photographs Inglese included on the pages to bring more color and depth to the pages and text.

Our world is getting smaller due to the internet and children should have the safe opportunity to learn about other children in other countries and their lives. I See the Sun in Afghanistan is an excellent addition for any library. As an educator, I highly recommend it.

BIBLIO: 2011, Satya House Publications, 4-8, $12.95
REVIEWER: Debby Willett
FORMAT: Children’s Multi-Cultural
ISBN: 978-098187208-7

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