Monday, February 20, 2012

Draw Plus Math!

Author, Freddie Levin’s book, Draw Plus Math! starts with a simple list of what your child will need to accomplish the math activities within this book. Levin includes some helpful drawing tips and basic shapes used in the book: square, rectangle, circle, oval, triangle, and trapezoid. Simple!
The table of contents includes twenty lessons starting from the basic shapes to creating a game using all the shapes learned in this book.

A note to teachers and parents regarding the learning expectations for the children follows. She suggests art activities in union with games and exercises strengthen math learning in ways that are fun. What child wouldn’t rather have fun when they learn?

With simple sketches, Levin starts with a fish tank for counting. Fish are different shapes and colors – some with stripes and dots. On a blank piece of paper the shapes are easily copied, colored, and counted. The child has used art to count fish and reinforced it with a tactile – tangible – skill.

The following nineteen lessons graduate from Even and Odd Numbers, Groups, Subtractions, Groups of Everyday Numbers, Review of shapes Used and New Shapes Introduced: parallelogram and star.

Starting at Lesson Nine, your child is given an opportunity to combine all learned shapes, including the two new shapes, and build them into new designs, and color them, as usual. This activity Leads to creative thinking, and tactile reinforcement.

The introduction of symmetry helps children with shapes, colors, patterns, matching, and then telling a story. Still using shapes, colors, and on to patterns, matching, and using pictures to tell a story. Lesson 17 introduces fractions using pizza and finally graphing is introduced using birds and three colors.

Draw Plus Math! is a great math support text for children six years and up. Levin has found key points in getting, and keeping children’s attention. In this book, children can tangibly learn math concepts. Levin has clearly put major time and energy into this product for your children to help them learn math skills while using their creative energies.

The illustrations are colorful and cartoonish as a child might draw. Yet, professional and show young children how to start with their drawing and shapes. Her illustrations are simple, based on the math shapes contained in the book, and the colors are right out of the basic set of boxed colored pencils. Pictures your child will be to replicate easily. This book is a great value for a family, home school, or public school use.

BIBLIO: 2010, Peel Productions, Inc., Primary, $8.99
REVIEWER: Debby Willett
FORMAT: Children’s NF, Education
ISBN: 0-939217-90-2

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