Thursday, May 7, 2009

Uncle Phil’s Diner

Helena Clare Pittman
Illustrations by Helena Clare Pittman

“Think warm, Ruthie,” Pappa tells her on their journey to Uncle Phil’s Diner, braving the bitter cold of an early morning snow. Their journey to Uncle Phil‘s Diner serves as a backdrop to a series of snapshots from Ruthie’s memories.

Ruthie begins by remembering the hot summer day she spent helping her Aunt Ida preserve blueberries. “Think warm, Ruthie.” Again Pappa reminds her. Ruthie and her Pappa play games along the way to keep themselves warm.

Just thinking of the pancake breakfast that awaits them, Ruthie and her Pappa continue on their cold morning journey. At one point Pappa speaks of the cold, and Ruthie has the opportunity to remind him to “Just think warm.”

Ruthie and her Pappa finally reach Uncle Phil’s Diner and are rewarded with the delicious sights and smells of Uncle Phil’s cooking. The word imagery is rich, from ‘blue morning shadows’, ‘to white mountains line the sidewalk.‘ Pittman has included a copy of Uncle Phil’s Blueberry Pancakes recipe, just in case the reader can’t resist.

The books is laid out like a photo album, complete with corner-keepers for the illustrations. The story is easy to read, and the illustrations are beautifully drawn.

BIBLIO: 1998, Lerner Publications, Ages 7 to 10, $14.95
REVIEWER: Debby Willett
FORMAT: Picture Book
ISBN: 1575050838

REVIEWED FOR: Christian Library Journal, Winter 2000, Print Version


Reprinted from Christian Library Journal, with permission

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