Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Lost Lamb

Melody Carlson
Illustrated by Steve Bjorkman

The shepherd looks out over his flock, and notices the setting of the sun. He leads his flock home, while constantly encouraging his flock to not tarry. There are one hundred sheep, and he knows all of their names, “from lamb to ewe.” The names given to the lambs are whimsical, and yet familiar with the children of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

As he finishes counting he realizes that one of his lambs is missing. Making sure the other ninety-nine are safely tucked in at the farm, the shepherd leaves to search for the missing lamb. Great distances he travels in search of his lost lamb, calling out the lamb’s name. finally, the lamb is found, and the shepherd rejoices. He comforts the lamb, and carries him home. The shepherd admits to being tired from his search, but reassures the lamb of his joy in finding the lost one. Once back at the farm, the shepherd involves all the sheep in a celebration of the lost sheep that was found.

The Lost Lamb is a charming and delightful book by Melody Carlson, and reads like a worship song. Your heart will sing, your spirit will soar, and your faith will be refreshed. The music of the words mixed with the frivolity of the watercolor illustrations will be appreciated and enjoyed by all ages. The durability of the library binding adds to the book’s appeal.

BIBLIO: 1999, Crossway Books, Ages 7 to 10, $10.99
REVIEWER: Debby Willett
FORMAT: Picture Book
ISBN: 1581340729
REVIEWED FOR: Christian Library Journal, Winter 2000, Print Version

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