Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Rose Revealed

Gayle Roper

Rose Martin is the witness to a horrific explosion. Why this should happen is yet to be determined, but two people died and Rose’s life could be at risk. She is advised not return to her home, but to find a safe place to stay. Something she is not prepared to do, to put her life on hold while the bomber is found. Until, she realizes the house she will be staying at has an apartment owned by a very interesting Amish man, Jake Zook. Her attraction to him is complicating, yet he appears to have no response to her at all. Living with the Amish, Rose learns about the politics between different families, districts, and even communities. The culture is very different for her, a telephone is available outside in a shed, and they don’t have a television or read the newspapers. The longer Rose stays in the apartment, the more her heart yearns for Jake, but the politics of his family could permanently divide them.

This is the third of the Amish Farm Trilogy, and was first published as The Decision. The main character, Rose Martin, struggles with forgiveness for herself. In the back of the book, the author addresses this issue, “God doesn’t ever ask us to forgive ourselves.” Again, “If we say we have to forgive ourselves, are we saying Jesus didn’t do enough when He died for us?”

The author makes it an issue within the text of the book and again at the end. For anyone who has committed a sin against themselves is having a difficult time letting go of that sin. Most within the Christian fellowship church of believers, would say, “Forgive yourself. Do not continue to carry this bondage against yourself.” This was not the place for Ms. Roper to place limitations on those who are dealing with spiritual bondages she doesn’t understand.

BIBLIO: 1999, Harvest House Publishers, Ages Adult, $10.99.
REVIEWER: Debby Willett
FORMAT: Fiction Romance
ISBN: 978-0-7369-2588-4

REVIEWED FOR: Children’s Literature, Online Version, 2-15-11

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