Saturday, July 10, 2010

Cat Diaries – Secret Writings of the MEOW Society

Betsy Byars
Betsy Duffey
Laurie Myers
Illustrated by Erik Brooks

Cat Diaries – Secret Writings … who knew? - The independent creatures we stroke, feed, and hope will eventually return home, keep secret journals and belong to the MEOW Society! Cats never forget our motto – MEOW, Memories Expressed in Our Writing. It was the third full moon of the year – where is your cat? Mice ran without fear, alleys and streets were quiet. The MEOW Society was coming to order somewhere … everywhere. So many stories to share – Rama, the Gypsy Cat, 1900 Kansas – cats have two purrs. The first purr is for the public, and the second purr is for your special person. Evidently, that person can change depending on the weather. The Library Cat found her home by chance. She was born outside the Library and by chance followed some children inside – where she just happened to become useful. Now she belongs in the Library – that’s her home and her life. Poor Whiskers, back in 1943, over in South Carolina. He made the mistake of winding up in the wrong hands. Fortunately, it all worked out for him, but he doesn’t want to do anymore parachute rides anytime soon. There are so many stories that were read, but even more that were not because of time. Next year we will meet again, with more stories, and more members.

Such a delicious thought – one night a year our cats get together and read their journals to each other. What a concept! Having had a cat since I was six years old, it gives me pause to consider what they do when we sleep. However, since the technological age has not yet reached the feline population, I do believe we have some degree of safety. Hence, my comments to the authors, Cat Diaries – Secret Writings Of the MEOW Society, is a must read for anyone who loves cats, regardless of age. Although children might enjoy it over a longer period of time, this reviewer is enchanted with the concept of cats writing journals. Children should keep up with the feline population in the journal writing, huh? It is a very enjoyable read, put it on your library shelf and pull it out often. Mr. Brooks' black ink illustrations are animated and on target. My favorite is page 50.

BIBLIO: 2010, Henry Holt and Company, Ages 7 - 10, $15.99.
REVIEWER: Debby Willett
FORMAT: Chapter Book
ISBN: 978-0-8050-8717-8

REVIEWED FOR: Children’s Literature, Online Version, 7/8/10

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