Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hannah Montana – Don’t Bet On it

Adapted By Ann Lloyd

In part one, Miley Stewart, with her dad, Robby, and her brother Jackson live a regular life, not affected by her public persona, Hannah Montana. Still, Miley must make public appearances. Today, her dad is not feeling well, and her brother must be her driver. A next door neighbor suggests he is too ill to care for his niece, Patty. Given all the noise that comes from the Stewart home, they should care for Patty while he gets some rest. A bet between Miley and Jackson ensues as to who will survive the afternoon with Patty the longest. For Miley, the bet means Jackson will be her driver without argument, if she wins. Patty has her own agenda. The Stewart siblings have a challenge between them. Will Miley make it to her public appearance on time?

In part two, Hannah Montana is finishing a concert appearance and does not believe it is necessary to change her limo on the way home. That was her first mistake. Jackson, her brother, was in the limo with her and a very persistent member of the paparazzi caught them. The next day, pictures and headlines showed Hannah Montana with her current boyfriend! Miley and Jackson were stuck. Who knew brother and sister would show up in the tabloids as ‘boyfriend and girlfriend’! It would be quite an adventure for the two of them before things would be made right. The most important thing for Miley and Jackson, though, was their relationship should stay in tact.

Eight full-color pictures are included for each part. This book was a quick-read, and is part of Spotlight’s series for Hannah Montana, based on the TV series. Fans of Hannah Montana will enjoy reading these stories several times, and collecting the other stories available.

BIBLIO: 2008, Disney Press, Ages Gr 6 - 9, $22.78
REVIEWER: Debby Willett
FORMAT: Junior Novels / Reader Series
ISBN: 978-1-59961-626-1

REVIEWED FOR: Children’s Literature, Online Version, 1/25/10

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