Saturday, October 3, 2009

Zero is the Leaves on the Tree

Betsy Franco
Illustrated by Shino Arihara

Counting from one to ten is a concept easily taught to children because they can handle the items to count: balls, pencils, marbles, and many other things. However, the concept of counting zero is not so easily taught. How do children touch a zero? This book shows children how to tactically understand what a zero is through simple shapes, objects and seasonal events. A few of the examples used are, when the snow has turned to slush and sleds cannot slide, the shape of an egg is a zero, or an empty ball bin on the recess playground. The sound snowflakes make when landing on mittens is a zero, an oak tree with no leaves in the cold of winter, and my favorite, the sound of stars filling the night sky. Even young children will be able to grasp the concept of zero with this easy to read and easy to understand this transferable skill.

The soft, colorful illustrations tell a second story to the author’s tale, and are fundamental to the children’s enjoyment.

BIBLIO: 2009, Tricycle Press, Ages 3 - 5, $15.99
REVIEWER: Debby Willett
FORMAT: Picture Book
ISBN: 978-1-58246-249-3

REVIEWED FOR: Children’s Literature, Online Version, 9/27/09

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