Sunday, July 12, 2009


By Cece Bell

Jerry Bee was a bee, but not just any bee. He was the most enormous bee that anyone had seen and everyone was afraid of being stung. Jerry tried everything he could think of be friendly; when he said hello, people ran; when he answered the phone with his, “bzzzzzzzzzzzz”, people would know he was a bee; he even tried to give away free honey, and people were afraid of him.

Then one day, Jerry found a wig lying on a sidewalk. Just maybe that would be his answer. He put it on his head, and the first person to see the “new Jerry”, was a school bus driver. She wanted him to get to school immediately because he was late!

So far, Jerry’s new identity was working. At the school, Jerry was hoping to make new friends, and the first classroom he entered he met Miss Swann, the teacher. She and all the students just thought Jerry was wonderful – helpful, funny, artistic, generous, and even a great speller. Jerry was so happy at school, he decided to go every day.

Eventually, he was nominated for a great honor that could very well have become his demise. What a surprise for Jerry and his wig! Did all the friends he had made run away, or did everyone learn a lesson of friendship?

The colorful illustrations make the story of Jerry Bee and his new friends. Ages for this book would be better for lower elementary, as they need to learn early the lesson of diversity in friendship and being themselves.

BIBLIO: 2008, Candlewick Press, Ages 5 to 9, $16.99
REVIEWER: Debby Willett
FORMAT: Picture Book
ISBN: 978-0-7636-3614-2
REVIEWED FOR: Children's Literature, Online Version, 5-6-09

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