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Melody Carlson
Cover Design by John Hamilton

Geoffrey, husband, has a high-profile job that is the perfect culmination of a career that driven him from childhood; his home is the reflection of his drive and the expectations of his family. Glennis is the perfect wife that is the reflection of her husband’s demanding career; her home is nothing of her life her or her tastes.

Seemingly without notice, their world starts to fall apart. Their son, Jacob, becomes involved in drugs – and not just any drug but crystal meth, “one of the most addictive substances known to man.” Glennis’ only solution is to leave the marriage to fight for her son’s survival. Over the months she realizes that healing is meant not just for Jacob but for her also.

The children – Sarah and Jacob – are exactly what Geoffrey wants and wouldn’t tolerate anything less. Sarah fortunately grew into a successful young woman. Jacob had drug problems from high school on.

The characters are well developed, especially between Glennis and Jacob. The reader recognizes that the conflict between Jacob and his father is a source of pain between them, while Glennis is desperate to save Jacob. Dialogue between all flows naturally and timely; the story takes place in the current time.

This is an inspirational fiction written with sensitive and reality. As Glennis grows through the story, the reader realizes that “but by grace” is a possibility. The author, Melody Carlson, has done an excellent job bringing the story through sensitivity and humor. An excellent read.

BIBLIO: 2005, WaterBrook Press, Ages 14 to 18, $12.99
REVIEWER: Debby Willett
FORMAT: Chapter Book, YA, Adult
ISBN: 1578568404

REVIEWED FOR: Christian Library Journal

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